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Community-based MRV systems in the Guiana Shield

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Community-based MRV systems in the Guiana Shield

Post by Focal point Amapá on Mon 31 Aug - 11:39

Dear all,

As we discussed during the 6th Working Group Meeting in Arrowpoint, Community-based MRV is a topic that can be approached in various different ways, and also depends on each country/territory specific context, regarding REDD+ for exemple.

But here in the Guiana Shield region, we have also many reasons to work together on this topic, and to learn from each other's experience.

During the WGM6, we mentionned that we would need spaces where the documents and materials on CMRV could be shared. Here are existing some platforms where we can start sharing :
- this forum 

What are the other possible ways to collaborate in a regional way on Community-based MRV? 

  • Are there other platforms to share experiences? 

  • Organize visits to each other territory? 
  • Organize another event like this, to see the progression of the process in each of the country?
  • Should this be a priority topic in a future collaboration project in the Guiana Shield (e.g. in a second phase of REDD+ for the Guiana Shield)?

Feel free to put here all the relevant news from you country that you would like to share with the others, to invite to this discussion other people in your country that might be interesting in knowing more about C-MRV in the Guiana Shield, etc.

Focal point Amapá

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